Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Saga continues

Hello Meezers and thanks for the greetings back. I have been keeping up with what you two have been up to and I must say those tips for driving your human nuts will be tried eventually.

As you know I hat a vet visit yesterday and I am not happy with the out come. I am back on the ear washing and meds twice a day for the next week. I tried to hide in a different spot but Monika is good at finding me no matter where I hide. Other then dealing with the ear washing and meds life is good here. I have noticed that Obsidian has a shoe fetish for he is always laying, rubbing, and shoving his face inside Monika's shoes. I am glad I don't have such a fetish for who knows where them shoes have been. Not much else happening here for now so time to sign off and catch another cat nap before they catch me to do the ear meds.

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The Meezers said...

sorry that you has to have your ears washed again. me and miles wash each ofurrs ears, so they're usually klean.