Sunday, February 27, 2011

Letters To Monika

Monika got tired of her characters being moved from cele in her BOI game while she was off the computer, so she started putting up notepad, so that if us kitties step on her keyboard we just leave her letters instead of affecting her characters in the game. When Bob is playing or job hunting, and she is watching TV, asleep, or at work, I like coming across the keys to Bob for attentions, and I always leave her a note telling her that I visited him. Bob also goes in and hits enter a couple of times after each note I leave to separate them.

A couple of nights ago I confused Bob and Monika both. I walked across the keys to Bob, and when he checked to see what I wrote and make a space for my next note, he saw the correct date and time written four times on the line. He asked me how I did it, but I'm not telling. Let them figure it out for themselves.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Kittenish

I have been feeling very kittenish in the evenings lately, and I enjoy running all around the house trying to get someone to chase me. Some times Bob will play chase with me if none of the other kitties are in the mood to, but other times he jokes that I am running around the house like my tail is on fire. My favorite kitty to play chase with is Frostin, but Munchkin is fun to play with too some times.