Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too Many Kisses

Monika gave me bunches of pets when she woke up this morning, and then Bob laid on the floor in front of me and gave me head buts and kissed my forehead. Then he kissed my paw, but when he lifted my face and tried to kiss my nose I had to run away.

Monday, October 12, 2009

That Wasn't Very Princely

This morning when I came into the computer room to get my treats Frostin swatted at my face. This made me so nervous I was afraid to eat my treats around him and the other kitties. So after Bob gave everyone else theirs, he came to me and gave me soft calming pets. Then when I wasn't tense any more he gave me my treats and kept giving me soft pets as I ate them. As for Frostin, Bob slapped his bottom and told him he was a bad boy. Then he made him wait until all the other kitties in the computer room accept for me finished their treats before he let Frostin have his.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Nervous Princess

Bob and Monika were at their computers so I decided to go in and get my belly tolls from them. First Bob laid down next to me and gave me lots of soft belly pets and kissed my forehead. Next Monika gave me bunches of belly pets and then gave me my morning treats which I did not want yet when Bob tried to give them to me. Then Bob laid back down and gave me kisses on my belly and then started petting me again. He gave me soft pets on my belly and my back, then he gently pet my paws and I just laid there all content. But then he decided to kiss one of my paws and I was afraid he was going to bite it so I got a little nervous. He said he was sorry for scaring me and gave my floor hugs and more pets, but I was still nervous, so he left me alone to calm down.