Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good riddens to Ernesto

I can see why Monika and Bob do not like Ernesto for he brought lots of nasty wet weather. We are supposed to get more rain today but at least Ernesto is off to visit elsewhere. Monika seems to be spacing my ear drops out but not my ear washes. I think she feels that my ears are well for there is not more yucky stuff being wiped out of them. I have found out that Monika is really into craft making and it seems she has finished something speacial for her co workers for Christmas. I just hope they both remember us felines for that holiday.

There were two more boxes that came in yester day and Monika said something about a 200 GB hard drive which leave just the motherboard and CPU to come in yet. Is she talking about computer components or something else I wonder.

As for the rest of the felines they are doing good and have not been hissing at me and I have been playing nice with them. I have not tried the new cat tree out but the others have and they seem to enjoy it. I am still trying to get used to being in such a loving relaxed home where I can seek petting and enjoy attention knowing I am loved.

Not much else to put down so keep safe andwell my feline friends.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

someone named Ernesto is comming

Hello again feline friends. I just want to tell you that who ever this Ernesto is Monika and Bob do not like him at all. I do not know why they need to get non perishable food and have water available when they still have electricity. Monika said something about taking the outside food dishes in too for what purpose I don't know.

I still try and sneak out when the door is opened but Monika is good and keeping the door blocked . I did however sneak out then back in hwen they returned home on Sunday. Bob is not so cautious when he has the door open.

It seems that Monika found a wedding dress and I am still trying to understand all this wedding business. Could one of you all please explain this to me.

Ok well not much else has changed here so will catch you up again soon. Til lthen keep wel land safe my furry friends.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everything is centered around this wedding thing

Ok what exactly is a wedding? Monika is acting so weird and unusual. Bob is also acting a bit off lately and it all has to do with this wedding thing. Last night they were looking at wedding cake servers and knives. Then tonight Monika informs Bob that she went looking at wedding gowns on Davids Bridal web site. What I really wish to know is if we felines will have to be included for I would rather not be. I mean I happen to like being able to lazy around all day knowing food and water are there when ever I seek it. Monika has not been sleeping right either lately. Someone please explain this wedding thing so I can understand what all this hupla is about.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Never a dull Moment in this family

Well it seems that Monika and Bob are planning some big event thati s called a wedding. What this event is I have no clue and I hope it doesn't involve me. I am still on the ear meds for another week but heck I am used to the ear washing and med application now. Monika is still working on her plastic canvas project and Bob still enjoys his computer time. I did get to meet Monikas Parents and they brough us felines a new cat tree. Monika tried to get me to enjoy it but I didn't feel comfortable up so high. The other cats seem to enjoy it though. For me its the octagon coffee table for I can spread out without hitting anything. We will see the outside kitten and Blacky has taken to sleeping on the patio. Monika issure to keep food in the dish out there as well as our food and water dishes inside. Yep I think I found just the right home for me. thats all for now so will say good bye till next time.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Day in the Life of Boots

I think I confused Bob and Monika this morning when I didn't leave the bed after Bob did. I remained curled up and got a few more minutes sleep. Bob came in to give me my treats and well I would have much preferred stayed sleeping but he left this fur ball no choice. So once I enjoyed the treats and got back up on the bed and that is when Monika got up and gave me pts which felt so good. There is nothing like getting morning pets and scratches. before leaving the comfy bed. I followed Monika out and enjoyed my usual spot near the large glass patio doors until it was time for them ear drops. I returned to my spot once that nasty business was done and Monika left to drop Bob off for his ride to work then returned home. Monika was not home long beforeleaving for work herself which suited me just fine for I enjoy my days just laying around.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life continues

I just wish to say I am sorry for not posting yesterday but nothing much occurred really which is just fine with this feline mind you.

Today however I caught Frostin copying my prayer pose and he already copies the one paw stretched out front pose. I will have to come up with a pose that he cannot match. Bob was home for a short bit and dished out the treats. I was sort of hoping he wouldn't let Monika know but I over heard him talking to her and informing her. I am still enjoying my spot on the octagon coffee table . This is the perfect spot for watching TV. Oh and just to let you know Monika finally figured out that I like to play with yarn not those other toys she has been trying to entice me with. I wonder what color she will use tonight.

Oh before I forget thanks for visiting The Zoo and Debra. I will visit others blogs shortly.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've been tagged by that grey tiger furball.

How dare Frostin Tag me and tell me that I need to list five weird things about me but I have not been here long enough to have five just two.

1. I enjoy laying with belly to floor and front two paws stretched out and slightly crossed as if I were praying.

2. I like to sometimes just stretch one front paw out with the other one tucked under.

Now let me tell you something I know is weird about Frostin. Frostin likes the pet carrier and when ever it is out he is quick to get in and lay down. I wonder if he knows just where that carrier goes. I cannot see how any feline would simply climb in and go to sleep in that thing.

I might or might not let you know the other three weird things I do about me but for now I am keeping them under wraps.

I was told I needed to tag another but I don't know anyone to tag yet so it will have to wait till I do then I pity the fur ball I tag.

The Saga continues

Hello Meezers and thanks for the greetings back. I have been keeping up with what you two have been up to and I must say those tips for driving your human nuts will be tried eventually.

As you know I hat a vet visit yesterday and I am not happy with the out come. I am back on the ear washing and meds twice a day for the next week. I tried to hide in a different spot but Monika is good at finding me no matter where I hide. Other then dealing with the ear washing and meds life is good here. I have noticed that Obsidian has a shoe fetish for he is always laying, rubbing, and shoving his face inside Monika's shoes. I am glad I don't have such a fetish for who knows where them shoes have been. Not much else happening here for now so time to sign off and catch another cat nap before they catch me to do the ear meds.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Saga Begins


Oh... Hello .. I. I didn't know I had an audience. I am Boots and what follows here is the ongoing saga between me , four felines and two humans. I am a domestic shorthair tiger feline whose sides have the spots like an ocecat. Now this saga begins some weeks ago when I showed up outside the humans front door seeking a meal. Yeah I knew the female human to be a sucker for felines since I had heard she has been feeding the other outside felines ever since she moved in. I strolled right on up and sure enough she gave me my own food bowl and water bowl right close to the front door.

This went on for a few weeks and I didn't really like the outdoors with its haunting night sounds and prowlers and it seems the female human whose name is Monika thought the same thing thus my capture and first visit to the vet with my new family. It also seems that she is very perceptive and has been trying to help me get comfortable and more relaxed in my new home.

Now I was not used to other felines for those that tossed me aside didn't have any but I do not miss the abuse they foisted upon me. Monika figured this out when she was putting laundry away and brought a few hangers out to use and I took off from laying on the bed to hide beneath it. Now mind you we were just getting to know each other so how was I to know she wouldn't use them nasty hangers to hurt me. Monika has a loving partner named Bob , but I am not so sure about him nor so comfortable around him. I guess in time I will settle down and learn to relax around Bob for he seems just as nice and loving as Monika.

Ok now for the other fur balls in this house hold. First there is one little tortie female named Munchkin who seems to enjoy sleeping with the two humans and spending time with Monika on the couch watching TV. The second is a large black male feline named Obsidian. He looks like a real brute but seems to enjoy playing with Monika. The third is another female named Ashlyn . She has Siamese in her and seems rather the delicate, shy type who does allot of laying around and sleeping. Lastly there is Frostin, a rather large grey tiger feline but not as bulky as Obsidian. It seems to me he might just has a crush on me but I keep letting him know I am not interested with a swat to his nose now and then.

OK now that you know some history. Here is what is up presently.

I heard Monika state that I have another vet visit today but hopefully the last one for a while. This one is to make sure that bacterial ear infection is cleared up for good. Oh yeah I didn't tell you about that did I. Well lets just say I did not like getting my ears washed twice daily then medicated drops rubbed into them . You felines out there keep your ears clean or this could happen to you and it is no picnic. Now granted the humans disliked doing this but knew it was for my own good. Now things are better though since the ear washing is done hopefully for a long time to come might I add.

I enjoy carefree days and the availability of food and water 24/7. I just have to be careful of the other felines for we are still getting acquainted. Monika has tried to get me interested in play but I have no clue what play is like or even if I will like it. I do however enjoy the chin scratches and gentle pets along my body both humans give me. Oh one more thing. I think Frostin is somewhat crazy for he at times cries out then runs about only to cry out loud again. I even saw him knock an empty shoe box across the floor. I have also learned that Munchkin rules here with Obsidian by her side and the humans spoil us felines. Oh yes treats from Bob in the morning and when he gets home from work. Then there is the every now and then chicken or pork they share. Munchkin has also told me that they give us vanilla ice cream now and then.

My mouth waters just thinking about that smooth cold ice cream.

I am still somewhat of a loner but Monika makes sure to give each of us felines attention. It seems a ritual to her and she even tries to give the outside strays attention but they mostly keep their distance. I have also met others of Monika's family and found out that her mother is as much a feline lover as Monika is.

This morning Monika was up way early and settled on the couch for a bit then made something that smelled delicious for breakfast. The smell was strong enough to wake Bob who enjoyed what was made. I wish they would share it with me what ever it is.


Sorry about that. it seems its time for another cat nap for me so toodles for now.