Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good riddens to Ernesto

I can see why Monika and Bob do not like Ernesto for he brought lots of nasty wet weather. We are supposed to get more rain today but at least Ernesto is off to visit elsewhere. Monika seems to be spacing my ear drops out but not my ear washes. I think she feels that my ears are well for there is not more yucky stuff being wiped out of them. I have found out that Monika is really into craft making and it seems she has finished something speacial for her co workers for Christmas. I just hope they both remember us felines for that holiday.

There were two more boxes that came in yester day and Monika said something about a 200 GB hard drive which leave just the motherboard and CPU to come in yet. Is she talking about computer components or something else I wonder.

As for the rest of the felines they are doing good and have not been hissing at me and I have been playing nice with them. I have not tried the new cat tree out but the others have and they seem to enjoy it. I am still trying to get used to being in such a loving relaxed home where I can seek petting and enjoy attention knowing I am loved.

Not much else to put down so keep safe andwell my feline friends.


The Meezers said...

Princess Boots, you'll get used to the loves real quick.
Sounds like Monika knows how to build 'puters - like our Mommy. It's nice to haf a smart Mommy. (don't tell our mommy i saided that).
- Miles

THE ZOO said...

you ought to try the tree sounds lie fun