Sunday, August 20, 2006

Never a dull Moment in this family

Well it seems that Monika and Bob are planning some big event thati s called a wedding. What this event is I have no clue and I hope it doesn't involve me. I am still on the ear meds for another week but heck I am used to the ear washing and med application now. Monika is still working on her plastic canvas project and Bob still enjoys his computer time. I did get to meet Monikas Parents and they brough us felines a new cat tree. Monika tried to get me to enjoy it but I didn't feel comfortable up so high. The other cats seem to enjoy it though. For me its the octagon coffee table for I can spread out without hitting anything. We will see the outside kitten and Blacky has taken to sleeping on the patio. Monika issure to keep food in the dish out there as well as our food and water dishes inside. Yep I think I found just the right home for me. thats all for now so will say good bye till next time.

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The Meezers said...

YAY for Bob and Monika!