Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life continues

I just wish to say I am sorry for not posting yesterday but nothing much occurred really which is just fine with this feline mind you.

Today however I caught Frostin copying my prayer pose and he already copies the one paw stretched out front pose. I will have to come up with a pose that he cannot match. Bob was home for a short bit and dished out the treats. I was sort of hoping he wouldn't let Monika know but I over heard him talking to her and informing her. I am still enjoying my spot on the octagon coffee table . This is the perfect spot for watching TV. Oh and just to let you know Monika finally figured out that I like to play with yarn not those other toys she has been trying to entice me with. I wonder what color she will use tonight.

Oh before I forget thanks for visiting The Zoo and Debra. I will visit others blogs shortly.


The Meezers said...

yarn is fun, but mommy only lets us play wif that and ribbons when she is around, 'acause Sammy eats it.

Frostin said...

Any pose you can pose I can pose better. I can pose any pose better than you. :p

Frostin said...

Any pose you can pose, I can do better. I can pose any pose beter than you. : p