Saturday, June 23, 2007

Waking Bob

I see that Frostin has posted about Bob sleeping in again and I decided to tell you about the ways the different cats here have of waking him up when they are tired of waiting for their treats.

Munchkin will jump onto the bed at the foot then walk up the side of his body 'til she reaches his head. Then she proceeds to lick the inside of his ear until he wakes up. (Doesn't look very appealing to me but she seems to like it.)

Obsidian jumps onto the side of the bed, usually landing on Bob, and if that doesn't wake him up he walks up to his head and commences to head butting him. (I should think that would be more likely to make him sleep longer.)

Ashlyn is still a tiny cat and she jumps onto the bed and climbs straight up his chest, then she rubs noses with him until he wakes up and gives her cuddles. (I might actually try that if I was as tiny as her.)

Frostin gets next to his head and noses at the covers until he half wakes and lets Frostin under the covers, then he grabs Bobs' hand and tries to pull it out from under the covers and if he succeeds in that he tries pulling Bob off the bed by that same hand. (A valiant effort, but I think Obsidian has a better chance with the head butts.)

As for me, I just let him sleep. I know he'll get up sooner or later and when he does the treats wont be long behind.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I love the way us kitties have our pet humans trained. Munchkin decided she wanted to play hide'n'seek and she had Monika and Bob looking all over the apartment for her. It was fun watching them search. They even used a flashlight to look under the beds and dressers. I think I might have to get them to play that with me some time.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Petless Weekend

Bob and Monika left Friday evening and came back early this evening. They smelled of a whole bunch of other kitties and looked like they both got a lot of sun. I think they had a lot of fun visiting Monikas' parents.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Clean Covers

This morning after Monika and Bob got up I decided to go back into the bedroom and lay on my small blanket at the foot of the bed. After a little while they Obsidian and Frostin got on the bed too, then Bob and Monika chased us all off the bed and when I came back, my blanket and all the rest of the covers were gone.

I got kind of upset because I didn't know where my blanket was, but then Bob let me sit on his lap for a while and I calmed down.

Then after a while Bob and Monika went out and came back in with their laundry like they do every weekend and a little bit after that they came and got me and brought me into the bedroom. There was my blanket on the foot of the bed again along with all the covers including a pretty new big blanket that Monika said was an afghan.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Favorite Person

This morning Bob's sister Joan called and he put the phone on speaker so I could hear her. I rubbed my head on the phone and tried to purr loud enough for her to hear me. Joan is my favorite person and I always love cuddling with her and listening to her voice.