Saturday, June 23, 2007

Waking Bob

I see that Frostin has posted about Bob sleeping in again and I decided to tell you about the ways the different cats here have of waking him up when they are tired of waiting for their treats.

Munchkin will jump onto the bed at the foot then walk up the side of his body 'til she reaches his head. Then she proceeds to lick the inside of his ear until he wakes up. (Doesn't look very appealing to me but she seems to like it.)

Obsidian jumps onto the side of the bed, usually landing on Bob, and if that doesn't wake him up he walks up to his head and commences to head butting him. (I should think that would be more likely to make him sleep longer.)

Ashlyn is still a tiny cat and she jumps onto the bed and climbs straight up his chest, then she rubs noses with him until he wakes up and gives her cuddles. (I might actually try that if I was as tiny as her.)

Frostin gets next to his head and noses at the covers until he half wakes and lets Frostin under the covers, then he grabs Bobs' hand and tries to pull it out from under the covers and if he succeeds in that he tries pulling Bob off the bed by that same hand. (A valiant effort, but I think Obsidian has a better chance with the head butts.)

As for me, I just let him sleep. I know he'll get up sooner or later and when he does the treats wont be long behind.

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