Saturday, August 09, 2008

Computer Room

Bob saw me sitting outside the computer room looking longingly at him and Monika, so He picked me up and brought me in to sit on his lap. He gave me pets and told me that I could come in the computer room when ever I want and that the only place we kitties weren't allowed to go into was the garage. At first I was a little fussy, but as he kept petting me I slowy calmed down and started to enjoy it. Then when I get tired of pets I went and laid on the phone stand for a while before leaving. I'm still not completely comfortable in the computer room, but I wasn't in our old home computer room for a long time either.

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Black Cat said...

Don't talk to me about computers. I'm having some problems... It's nice that Bob and Monika welcome you into their computer room and make you feel more at ease:) xxx