Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extra Treats

Monika got up late this morning, but she still came to the computer room to play her game. I jumped onto the chair next to her computer to get some attentions. And while I was there she gave me a bunch of Whisker Lickin's treats. I was the only kitty in the room and none of the others came when she opened the bag, so I got all of them. Only problem is that later, when Bob woke up and tried to give me treats with the rest of the cats, I was out of room. He gave my treats to Monika to try to give me again later. She has tried a little later, but I still didn't want them. She just offered them to me again. I'm hungry again, so I'm off to eat them. Take care.

1 comment:

The Lee County Clowder said...

Good to know Monika saved the treats for you for later. Most of the time, if we're not around when Dad gives out treats, we lose out.