Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Treat

Yesterday, when Monika came home from work, I went running to the kitchen to ask her to put down her bowl, but she said not yet baby, your getting a special treat today. Then she picked up 3 small cans of salmon stinky goodness and brought them to the counter. We usually only get dry food, but she pulled out 5 bowls and portioned it out for all of us. When she put it on the floor I came running for mine as did most of the other cats. Munchkin finished most of hers and Obsidian ate a lot of his too, but Frostin only ate a little, and Ashlyn looked like she was trying to bury hers. So after I finished mine, I just started making the rounds from bowl to bowl. By the time I got to the last bowl I was so full I couldn't see straight. I hope Monika gives us special treats again soon.


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