Sunday, December 13, 2009


Monika's parents came over yesterday to celebrate her birthday which is this Tuesday. I was thinking of coming out to say; "Hello" as I usually like people, but Bob came to pick me up at the bedroom door, so I played chase with him and hid under the bed. Frostin was there and he told me that cats are supposed to hide when strangers come, and that they were always surprised when I would go out and let them all see me and give me pets.

After a short visit they all left and us kitties came back out and sniffed the Christmas tree, and wondered around the house and took naps and such. Then we heard the garage door open and we knew that someone was home, so we came to see who it was, and it was all of them again. The rest of the cats realized real fast and ran for the bed room, but I went into the computer room and laid in my favorite spot behind Monika's and Bob's chairs.

Bob came in a couple of minutes later and picked me up and brought me to greet everyone. I held onto his shoulder, but I let everyone give me pets, then when Bob put me down I went to tell the others that visitors aren't so bad. King Obsidian looked at me like I was crazy and said; "All I know is if I ever get caught in the hallway to the other rooms when visitors come again, I am not going into the computer room. They can get you there!!

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