Friday, May 30, 2008

They Took Me With Them!!!!

Last night Bob and Monika started putting more stuff from the apartment into the car and took it away and then came back and started taking more stuff, but before they were done Bob's friend came over and they put Queen Munchkin, King Obsidian, Princess Ashlyn and I in cat carriers, then they put the last of the stuff into Bob's friends car and Monika put Prince Frostin on his leash and brought him out of the apartment so that Bob could lock it up.
We rode around in the wheeled monster for a short trip and we all serenaded Bob and Monika all the way there. Then when we got to the new house Bob unlocked the door and Monika started bringing all of us kitties into the house and letting us out of the carriers. King Obsidian, Queen Munchkin, Princess Ashlyn and Prince Frostin all ran and found places to hide, but I started exploring my new house right away.
Later everyone started coming out and exploring a little except for Prince Frostin who remained hiding under Bob and Monika's bed. After a while Monika brought him into the living room and gave him some cuddles, then he started to do a little exploring of his own.
When Bob and Monika went to bed I climbed onto the bed with them and found a new place to sleep. I curled up at the top of Bob's pillow near the corner and went to sleep there. Bob gave me pets and said he liked my new sleeping place and then he went to sleep.
When we woke up this morning Frostin was hiding under the bed again so Monika pulled him out and gave him cuddles and then when she put him back down he went and hid in the tub. Poor baby. I think he is more afraid than I was.
I'm so glad that Bob and Monika took me with them to our new house.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Sounds like you've got a nice new place to sleep, indeed. It is always great to be right there, in case a bean wants to play with a kittie. (or even better, give a kittie a treat!)

Glad you all got moved OK. (We told you Bob & Monika would take you with them)

The Meezers said...

oh how could they NOT take you with them Princess???? Sleeping over (or even on) the heads is great! that's where I sleep all the time - Sammy

boots said...

WHen my last humans moved they left me in the apartment. I was so afraid that Bob and Monika were going to do the same thing.

I'm so glad that my new humans love me and want to keep me with them.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Your last beans LEFT you? Gad! That is beyond mean.

But Bob & Monika are nice beans. We were sure they wouldn't do something as evil as that.