Sunday, September 16, 2007

How I Got My Name

Queen Munchkin tagged me for Millie's How I got my name meme, so here is my story.
When my original humans abandoned me some of the local out door cats told me about these nice humans, that always put out food for the outside cats, so they would never be hungry. I went to visit them and I saw that they had cats living in their home also. I missed being indoors, away from the rain and such, so I let the Lady; Monika; know I wanted to live inside with her other kitties. She told the man; Bob; and he said; "You mean the skittish one that looks like she has boots on?" Monika said yes and decided that Boots was a good name for me, then she brought me in and locked me in the bathroom, while she and Bob went to work. When she came home she took me to the v-e-t who tol her that aside from a ear infection I was fine.
I chose Dragonheart, Skeezix, and Rascal.


The Meezers said...

we remember reading on Frostin's blog about when you camed to live wif Bob and Monika. we is happy that you gotted a great furefur home.

Rascal said...

Hi Boots, I'm very happy that you picked me for Millie's How I got my name meme. I liked the story of how you got both your name and your family.

Dragonheart said...

Thank you for sharing the story of your name with us. How horrible that your original humans abandon you, but how wonderful that you found such a great Forever Home. Thanks for the tag - I'll write my post sometime this week.

THE ZOO said...

ahhh yur beans luf yoo so much it seems boots. and it seems lyk they is gud people.