Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad Morning

Yesterday morning Bob and Monika starved me, then Monika put me in the travel box and brought me to the V-E-T to get my teeth cleaned. While I was there they shaved a spot on my leg and gave me a catheter. (yuck) Then I had to stay there for hours before Bob finally came to get me, but even then we had to wait for Monika to come before we could go home.

When we finally got home Bob put the box down and opened it for me, and I ran straight for the bedroom and hid under the bed until I remembered it was treat time and I was hungry. Then I came out and waited by the food dish for my treats while happily eating my regular cat food.


The Meezers said...

poor boots! is you doing ok today?

boots said...

I'm fine except for the fact that they left us here alone again, and Monika said that when they get back I would have to get my new medicine again.